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” Do you open doors for living?”

An open door is an adventure, it´s an opportunity for a life change, it can bring you a new wonderful project, new people into your life and new unexpected experiences.

A coffee to sell your home?

Being an Italian expat, I miss my espresso macchiato every day!
The smell of coffee brings me back to the best feelings, my family, my friends, my emotions.

Living in Sitges, just fantastic!

We came across this video on Facebook and we agree that it describes brilliantly the Sitges lifestyle. It has been edited from the Sitges Tourism Office. Enjoy!

Wifi Penedes Internet connection Olivella

Speaking to friends and property owners that are running businesses from home in the area of Olivella, they all agree that Wifi Penedes is a very good option in terms of service and connectivity.

Buying and Renovating a home in Sitges

Today I am very excited to introduce an exquisite villa that Alicia & Jeremie have purchase in Sitges and beautifully renovated it. They got the most out of their existing space and create a bright and cozy home with a very little investment.

Buying and Renovating a home in Sitges, Part.2

In our recent post, we asked our client to open up their property to give us an idea of renovation keeping the costs down with the best results. Here below I wish to show you the before and after pictures.

Learning Spanish in Sitges

Learning a foreign language can be a challenge and we need good dedication and a right push and it can be done!
Many of the foreigners I have been talking to are taking on this challenge with the help of Gloria Pedraza manager of

Tapa a Tapa 2016 is coming!

Good time to catch up with Friends&Gossips over a Bier&TAPA…Can´t wait! The “Tapa to Tapa Route 2016” from the 7th to the 17th of April offers a tapa tasting for only 2.5 € including a beer in many Restaurants or Bars in Sitges.

Sitges Original Version Movie

The program is ambitious and the film hosted are mostly awards winners mostly in English, French, Italian, German and the are always shown in their original language with Spanish subtitles.

Villa with a lemon tree

The lemon tree is the symbol that represent the sun, the hit and the light. This plant has vibrant colors, intense green of the leaf, the white flowers, the energetic yellow of the fruits and the splendid smell of it.

Yatai Sushi take away in Sitges

Yatai is a great place to order your sushi. The menu is not big but complete, it is worth trying! Good value, price and quick service, it gets slower during weekends.

The Aire experience in Barcelona

We all know that is very important to take care of yourself and there are many different ways to do it. Today my suggestion is the Aire experience, that I have tried last weekend in Barcelona.

A trip to the snow!

We always like to talk about life style and this also means to take short breaks somewhere different but close enough to spend a good weekend away.

Beach House Restaurant Sitges

The Beach House Restaurant Sitges is one of our favourite places to go for a nice meal and a great atmosphere! Located in the Sitges sea front, it has a lovely terrace ideal to sit on the sun, relax and watch the people walk by.

Kids friendly restaurant in Sitges, La Sinia

La Sinia restaurant in Sitges was a nice surprise! Really cute place, kids friendly and the food is ok, not excellent. During dinner, we had the pleasure to listen to a beautiful live band offering background music. You can check the music events in their Facebook page.

Excellent restaurant for tapas, El Pou

A very tiny restaurant. I come here quite often when I am in the mood of nice tapas and I am always very satisfied with food and service. The tapas are very elaborated and creative and very good quality.

Car rental in Sitges

The easiest place to rent a vehicle is probably from Barcelona airport that offers many international company. However “Anem” provides rental of cars and commercial vehicles in Sitges town.

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